Where to begin…

I guess it all began a couple of decades ago when I had this crazy idea to start my own drum company, Dark Horse Percussion.  Over the last 22 years Dark Horse has become one of the world’s largest custom drum crafters.  Having sold the business that I built from my parent’s basement, I am now focusing all my efforts into what has become Black 35 Guitars.

For more than two decades I have built thousands of drums, collaborated with hundreds of artists, had unforgettable experiences and have established great relationships with countless players. Over my tenure at Dark Horse Percussion I worked with artists from bands such as: THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM, STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO, THE BOUNCING SOULS, THE WONDER YEARS, RX BANDITS, THE MENZINGERS, THE SCANDALS, TITLE FIGHT, EMINEM, and hundreds of others. (Pretty cool right?!)  
So what does that have to do with guitars you might ask?


I have always loved guitars. Ironically enough in my own home, I have never actually possessed a SINGLE drum that I have built, yet have always had guitars and amps (I’m a total gear nerd). Over the years I have owned over 60 guitars, but sadly I have parted ways with them through selling, trading, or just kindling. 

With Black 35 I have combined my knowledge of design, woodworking, and finishing with my creativity and great connections to renowned guitar luthiers, techs, and designers


I’m not trying to be the next “brand name” guitar company, but I am crafting unique, “perfectly imperfect” guitars that are that are affordable, versatile and full of character. Additionally, I am always looking to collaborate with players and businesses on ideas and designs which are unique to their own playing style and vision.

That pretty much sums it up. Feel free to hit me up and talk guitars, drums, sports, movies, or what have ya!





Anthony Cartinella – Founder