Why BLACK 35?


All guitars built by Black 35 are crafted BY musicians; FOR musicians. Upon completion, each guitar receives a final, multi-step quality check to ensure precision and accuracy. We will not allow a guitar to leave the shop unless it meets our standard of excellence. With all of our guitars, it is not just about the aesthetics of their unique character, but also making sure they are at the highest level of quality and playability for any and all levels of players.
Whether you are a beginner or a weekend warrior, session players or touring artists; at Black 35, we want each and every guitar to be played, and played with pride. We want them to withstand the road and beyond, as we stand behind their playability and craftsmanship 110%.


At Black 35, our selection of color choices, configurations of body and neck design, components, and hardware finishes, are virtually limited only by your imagination. We aim to bring YOUR dream guitar to life. We are not just another, “relic” guitar company; instead, we set out to be a fully customizable guitar shop that works with each and every one of our customers on an individual basis to fulfill their vision, all while keeping the ordering process simple, efficient, and concise. If you can imagine it, we will do all we can to bring it to reality. From cutting edge technology, to timeless techniques – your imagination becomes our creation.


Here at Black 35, we are a family. Our Clan is comprised of a team of talented individuals, whose expertise in the music industry spans nearly three decades.
The Clan consists of former industry CEO’s and designers, experienced craftsmen, veteran “road dog” technicians, and touring artists; all of whom encompass an outstanding collection of family members who are first and foremost: musicians. We are musicians who love what we do, love what we play, and strive to ensure that each and every guitar we produce and play be just as good as, if not better than, the one before. With each new order, our family grows daily; with our Clan spanning the continents across the globe. Young and old, beginner to advanced, the Black 35 family is built on a foundation of honesty, trust, collaboration, and satisfaction. We aim to help each other, and share the love of guitars. Black 35 is so much more than a guitar company: the relationships and bonds we forge as a family are equally as important to us as creating a high-quality, long lasting product for you.