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LIMITED to 100 pieces – all individually serial numbered. Each pick purchased will enter you into the 2020 Super Bowl pool contest to win various awesome stuff! 

Picks are randomly sent out and will be in clear, green, orange, blue or smoke colored.  

1st Quarter Winner – Merch Package and 20% off a custom build.  
Half Time Winner – Limited Edition Black 35 / Satellite Amplifiers  Effects Pedal
3rd Quarter Winner – Merch Package and 40% off a custom build.
Final Score – WIN a Custom BLK35 DC or SC Guitar!* 

* Winner will choose the color choice pays for shipping and case. 
** The final AFC / NFC numbers will be randomly selected on the morning of 2/1/2020

Select the FREE SHIPPING option when ordering in the US.  International pays shipping.  Sorry folks! 😉