"Anthony has been building me expertly crafted instruments for the better part of a decade. When he told me he was starting a boutique, custom guitar company, I was not surprised and was excited to see what he could do. The guitar that he built for me is totally wonderful. Looks great, plays great, sounds great. I couldn't ask for more! "

Michael Kennedy


"I first saw Black35 guitars when they were building some very heavy road worn Telecasters but then they had just finished this Trini Lopez custom and I had to have it! From the moment you see this guitar you know it is going to be something special. Open the guitar case and a stunning guitar captures your imagination. When people come to the house it's the one guitar everyone notices, even if they aren't a musician or into guitars. I play guitar abit uniquely so I'm always looking for anything that's different, so this definitely fit the bill. Also being a fan of Dave Grohl this guitar has a slant on an already legendary guitar. From the first day I got it, songs and ideas just started flowing. Some guitars just have a soul to them that stir your creativity and feed you inspiration. This guitar definitely does that for me. I have to adjust the guitar abit to suit my needs but all-in-all out of the box this guitar is ready to go. The humbuckers sound great and the body reverberates nicely to give that classic holobody tone. From the start when i was first enquiring about the guitar, to it being in my lounge room, considering I live in Melbourne Australia, Anthony at Black35 Guitars has been and continues to be a pleasure to deal with. Pricing is very reasonable considering what a unique product you are getting. I would recommend Black 35 guitars to my friends."

Richard Jenkins

Melbourne, AUS

"Anthony at Black 35 Guitars has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. He went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with everything, I couldn't have asked for more. I've owned guitars by all the big names and I have to say, never have I enjoyed playing as much as I do with, 'Sahara'. She feels, looks and sounds incredible. All in all I couldn't be any happier. Anthony is a good dude, and I wish him all the success he deserves."

Lewis Lippett


"Service was great! Black 35 is incredibly professional and I'd be more than happy to commend and recommend their services."

Greg Kennelty


"I must admit that I was very curious about Black 35 Guitars' custom builds. I was not disappointed in Bettie! She exceeded all of my expectations. Bettie arrived in great shape--the setup and intonation was perfect, and Bettie was playable right out of the box. The action is just right, and Bettie plays well for rhythm or lead. Finally, appearance matters too, and this guitar looks terrific with its distressed finished and unique headstock. Bettie is light, simple, and.....LOUD! Awesome BLACK 35!"

Melinda Jones


"I really enjoying playing with, "Sandy", my hot new T-style guitar from Black 35 Guitars. The body is really light, a fast neck, and great overall balance. Everyone I have shown it to has immediately fallen in love with it For me it has just the right amount of distressing giving it a great southern rock / jangle pop vibe."

Scott Harris


"I saw Anthony’s work on instagram first and was instantly stoked. Everything looked killer and I knew I could finally have the guitar of my dreams. I contacted him and he was super stoked from the beginning and helped me get exactly what I was looking for. It arrived recently and I haven’t been able to put it down. There is something special about the neck I’ve never felt in any other guitar and I love the crap out of it!"

Scott Gossett


"I'm really proud to own a Black 35 Guitar. From the moment I first emailed, to seeing this beauty, the experience has been awesome. You created what I always wanted: the wood grain, the purple stain, the attention to detail, the dice knobs, the pickups, the logo and the headstock, all amazing features of an absolute unique instrument. I'm sending pics around the world because you are a true artist and musician. Thanks so much!"

James Cecone


"When I came across Black 35 I instantly loved the concept. The finishes on these instruments were unlike anything that I'd seen before. The '72 style that I purchased far exceeded my expectations on all levels and has quickly become one of my favorites. This guitar plays like a dream and the tone out of the hand made pickups is amazing. If you are looking for a high quality custom guitar, Black 35 has you covered!"

Mike Karpicke


"I want you to know just how much I appreciate your work on my custom guitar. I can tell that this guitar was meticulously worked on, and I'm sure you put in a lot of time to make it shine the way it does. By the way, the jazzmaster you built me plays CLEAN (emphasis added). This puppy just feels so good to play -- I can't name a guitar I've owned in the 15 years I've been playing that feels as good as my Black 35 guitar. Special attention to detail is show in every facet of this instrument. The weight of the guitar is perfect. The appearance you created looks better than I had ever anticipated. The sound is on point -- I was so happy to plug the jazzmaster into my amp after I had been playing on it for awhile, and I was happy that it sounded powerful -- it sounds like it is in charge, and I like that a whole lot. Frankly, I like the Black 35 brand a lot too. I plan on making another purchase in the future, and I highly recommend Black 35 Custom Guitars to anyone looking for a guitar that really represents them as a player."

Andy McMenamy, IL

"Black 35 Guitars are built to rock and Jersey tough. Incredible looking and performing instruments, made with close attention to detail and outstanding service to get you exactly what you're looking for."

Anthony Lee Loops


"I love my new black 35 guitar! Super lightweight, fun to play and looks killer. I had this in my local music shop and it was turning heads left and right. I got the 51' in a Sherwood Green. Guitar goes from mellow to twang really quick. Great custom colors and body styles to choose from. Each one is unique and no two are a like. Anthony is great to work with and won't disappoint!"

Chris Colon

NJ - LEVY and the OAKES

"As a guitarist, I am always looking for inspiration. I started playing due to being inspired by players, and hope to continue being inspired by anything associated with the instrument. When I saw the work that Anthony was doing with Black 35 guitars, I immediately said, "I gotta have one". Once I got in touch with Anthony, I gave him a rough outline of what I wanted, and he took that outline and created magic. The instrument that became, "Nina" has reopened an inspiration that I hadn't felt in a long time. I simply cannot put her down! When you get a guitar from Black 35, you don't just get an instrument, you join a family. Anthony will certainly get you a guitar that is a piece of yourself, expressed in the music you make. I cannot recommend this company enough. Thanks a whole lot Anthony!"

Brian Goins


"I got my Black 35 Les Paul on a Tuesday, practiced with it on Saturday, played it on a gig on Sunday! Love the way it looks,feels; slim neck profile, medium jumbo frets, action set perfect for me. Pickups sound killer, nice bite to them. I also really like how Anthony wired them up. Anthony is a good guy to work with, so come on and git ya one!!"

Jeff Shelton

Newark Delaware.

"I received PJ at my doorstep and had been eagerly expecting this custom axe to arrive for a few weeks. I was NOT disappointed! I had worked with Anthony through Instagram on a custom build based off his earlier build, 'Rusty'. I had drooled over 'Rusty' and read the reviews of Black 35 and was fearless in placing my order. As it turned out, the day I was going to place my order, my best friend (and guitarist), Peter J. Rossi, had suddenly passed. I had to wait a few days before I was sure that I could still afford a new guitar because I might have had to help the family pay for Pete's funeral expenses. Long story short, I helped with expenses AND could still afford my guitar. The guitar I was thinking of as 'Rusty 2' had now turned into a tribute guitar to my late friend.

So, the delivery day had finally arrived! I quickly ripped open the box and anxiously opened the included hardshell case. What I held in my hands was the work of an expert craftsman. Everything was just as I had expected it to be: Maple fretboard, ash body with yellow-to-black burst, single humbucker, single volume, Pete's birthday (8469) burned into the body. I have seen other relic guitars in various music stores, but this one... oh boy! This one was by far one of the most beautiful instruments I had ever seen! It not only looked incredible, but just holding it, just the feel of this guitar (named 'PJ' after my best friend), wow. One of the best ever. It is on par with my prized Parker Fly Deluxe, and didn't cost me a small fortune, either. The neck is perfectly shaped and even worn just right, as if it had been lovingly played the last 30 years. The string action is spot-on. The entire guitar feels like your favorite shoes, or your favorite pair of jeans. And, call me strange, but where the volume knob is located, it is precisely where I want it. Most makers place it right under the bridge pickup. It always gets bumped. Anthony set it down and back slightly. I didn't even ask for that, but it was as if he could feel what I wanted!

Then... Then I plugged it in. HOLY HOT DAMN!!! PJ roared to life! That single humbucker, that little high-output monster... I actually had to dial back my gain setting! It sounded better than I anticipated! My wife wasn't home that evening so I played into the night. Ears ringing, fingers aching, the blissful smile of a child on Christmas morning plastered on my face. I haven't had that much fun playing a guitar in quite a while. Every day that I walk into my jam room I am greeted by PJ hanging on the wall, and an impish smirk comes across my face. Black 35 makes one of the best and finest musical instruments you will ever play! And, no, I don't say this because I just got a new toy, I say it because it is completely true! If you ever have the money (or even if you don't) I seriously recommend that you pick up a killer build from Anthony. It will be one the greatest investments you can make!

Perfectly imperfect? Damn right! >Thank you once again, Anthony and Black 35! Perfection achieved."



"I have been working with Anthony for nearly a decade now. We've worked together through many of his creative endeavors as well as my own. Around the same time I got a call to start playing bass with a band, Black 35 had just started to surface and I knew we had to make this happen. Everything I wanted out of that instrument, I got. Her looks could kill and her tone with the custom wound pickups can shake the earth beneath your feet, with plenty of definition to get the point across. She's not heavy and bulky so my shoulder really loves that, and the finish feels like a dream. It has been an absolute pleasure to have this bass, which is now my number 1, and I can't wait to see what we are able to craft in the future."

Arthur Pelletier


"I've always played vintage Fender and Gibson electrics so I didn't know what to expect from my custom guitar from Black 35 guitars. I gave Anthony a fairly ambitious wish list of features I wanted, and he really hit it out of the park. What I got is a gorgeous sounding, super playable guitar that is equally usable onstage or in the studio. I brought "Emma" along as my only guitar on a run of dates recently and I was completely satisfied and received multiple compliments and questions about the guitar. Highly recommended."

John Strohm - Rounder Records