How do you sell your guitars at such a great price?

Being that I have been in the music industry crafting custom instruments for over two decades, my knowledge base and resources enable me to produce gear at a competitive price.  I want to be able to provide great handcrafted gear for players of all abilities, all while meeting your budget.
Black 35 grows organically with all of our players and we are not just a team, but a family.  Black 35 is built on building relationships, not just guitars.

I really like one of your in-stock guitars, but would like to upgrade the pickups or tuners. Can I?


I can swap out just about anything on a in-stock guitar, however there will be a charge of the new components, as well as a minimum $50 fee to install.  

After I pay my deposit, when do I have to toss more loot towards this fine piece of fretted goodness?

You can make more payments towards your guitar at any point either via Paypal, Venmo or your invoice that was sent to you with a major credit card..

*ALL balances must be fulfilled prior to completion. No guitar will be released until all balances are met. You will be notified when your guitar is approximately two weeks away from completion, so you can pay off your remaining balance if you have not done so. After 30 days of the guitar not being paid off, any payments made will be fofietted. So make sure you pay it off! Also know that due to the nature of building these guitars to your specifications, there will be NO refunds given. Rules are rules people!

Do you ship internationally?

Black 35 Guitars ships worldwide through multiple companies safely and efficiently.

I am in a band and would love to promote you guys! Can I get a FREE guitar??

That is AWESOME that you are in a band, but nice try! All things come with a price tag and I work out deals with professionals on a case by case basis to provide artist pricing.

So, the answer is free?…NO. A sweet discount? Maybe…

What is your favorite guitar you have built to date?

Tough question, because they all do and appeal to me differently. To pick one, I’d say my, “King D” semi-hollowbody. It was inspired by a mixture of Dave Grohl’s, “Trini” go-to, mixed in with a little, “Brian Setzer’s” flair. Toss in some colors I liked and crafted a killer, fun guitar!

I heard you make all of your guitars from scratch, is this true?

All “by scratch”, do you mean I cut down all the trees, make the wire for frets, and build each and every capacitor that is in a guitar? Of course I do! (insert sarcasm now…) NO, I do not build every guitar component from “scratch.” However, I have many resources to produce guitars and components.  From suppliers of the finest bodies, necks and components, to affordable stock parts to meet smaller budgets, to custom CnC work, I can do virtually anything within reason.  All finishes and assembly are done by me personally, aside from some special paint jobs that require one of my paint crew guys, who have over 30 years in the wood crafting and finishing industry.

I know what I want in a custom build. How much do I need to put down and what is the turn-around time?

A non-refundable deposit of at least $250 to get your order in production is required. Current lead-time is approximately 12 to 16 weeks.

*Please note: with the nature of hand crafting instruments this timeframes can flucuate. I will do my BEST to keep you in the, “know” as to completion.  The projected lead-times are approximate and can often take longer or less time, depending on the situation.

What if I change my mind about my order and want a refund?

After 14 days of your order being placed NO changes can be made (30 days on finish choice)  Bodies, necks, components, pickups, etc. are in production at various stages after your deposit is initially made. Due to the nature of custom builds, no refunds are offered. If your balance is not paid within 30 days of the projected due date, ALL funds will be forfeited.

What kind of warranty do I get on one of these sick guitars?

I stand behind each and every guitar I make. If you have a problem, we can address it and come up with the best solution. I want you to be 100% satisfied and stoked with your new purchase.  Please know that your own care and maintenance is crucial in keeping your guitar in great playing and working condition. I personally make sure all guitars are set up properly, intonated, and ready for action when they leave my shop. The rest is on you, and like I said, any issue, we can tackle it together.
Keep in mind that with the guitars being shipped across the globe they have sometimes travelled thousands of miles, and can go through extreme temperature and climate changes.  These variables can greatly effect your guitar and minor adjustments may be required.  If you are not confident in fixing any setup issues please make sure you take your guitar to a trusted guitar technician, or contact us for some tips and advice.

Forgot to ask, are all the guitars beat up looking?

All of my guitars are, “perfectly imperfect.” When ordering a custom build, you can specify a light, medium, or BTF( BEAT TO F*#$! )level of distressing. I believe in the guitars to have their own unique character and elements. They are not perfect. They are not meant to be! They are meant to be unique and in many ways functional pieces of fretted art.
Soooooo….if you are looking for a perfect, pristine guitar, BLACK 35 may not be your best choice!